Nowy szablon WordPress JustWrite is a theme with clean lines and an open-spaced design, that can be used to show off your latest articles., autorstwa :Alexandru Cosmin,
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Nowy szablon WordPress Schlicht, einfach, schwarz auf weiß. Für Blogger, die lieber über die wichtigen Dinge des Lebens bloggen, statt über das tägliche Frühstück. Für Blogger mit Leidenschaft. Für Blogger mit Message. Für Blogger mit Herz. Vielleicht auch für dich?, autorstwa :Lifecheater,


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Nowy szablon WordPress Snow summit is a flexible theme with 7 available color schemes. In addition to the primary and secondary widgets-ready sidebar areas and the widgets-ready footer sidebar, layout includes widget-ready area to the right of the blog name in the header, a widget-ready area underneath the horizontal search bar above the content area, and a widget-ready below the content area. 3 custom navigation menu areas (very top of page,below site header image,below site content area). Supports custom background and custom header., autorstwa :weddingthemes.marriagescene,
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Nowy szablon WordPress We had to follow a very strict recipe to get Tempera just right. We started with a very solid framework of over 200 settings, added a very light user interface, threw in a couple of mobiles and tablets to give it that responsive elasticity, added over 50 fonts, weren’t satisfied so we poured all the Google fonts into the mix, then scattered 12 widget areas for consistency, dissolved a slider and unlimited columns into a customizable Presentation Page then mixed it in as well. We then sprinkled all post formats, 8 layouts including magazine and blog, powdered 40+ social icons and even blended in a customizable top bar for extra density. We also made it translation ready and gave it RTL language support for some cultural diversity. The secret ingredient was love and we might’ve spilled too much of that. But now Tempera has just the right feel and the right texture and is exactly what your empty WordPress canvas needs. NEW! Tempera now comes in 16 different flavors with preset color schemes!, autorstwa :Cryout Creations,
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